Greetings from Fertilizer Company, a reputable provider of agricultural solutions meeting the demands of today's farmers. Your crops will get the nutrients they require to flourish thanks to our dedication to quality and innovation.

Our extensive selection of Controlled-Release Fertilizers (CRF) at  Fertilizer Company is made to give your crops steady nutrient delivery over an extended period. Our CRF products are designed to minimise environmental impact while boosting crop quality, increasing yields, and improving soil health.

Welcome to SV Micro-G, SV Agro Solutions' distinctive plant food line. Giving your plants all the nutrients they require to grow robust and healthy is like magic.

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What Is Unique About SV Micro-G?

Small Magic Grains:SV Micro-G is available in small grains ideal for providing your plants with precisely the right amount of nourishment.

Custom-Made:You can select the ingredients in your plant food based on your plants' preferences. It resembles a customised gift for them! 

The Easy Food Benefits of SV Micro-G for Your Plants: The nutrients in SV Micro-G are easily absorbed by your plants, causing them to grow tall and robust.

More Tasty Crops: Your plants yield more fruits and vegetables when they receive all the nutrition they need from SV which provides the best fertilizer products


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