SV Mr. Micro

A unique combination of Sulphate and Chelated Micronutrients
developed by using advanced chelation technology and Nano

  •  6 + 3 Additional Micronutrients which helps to improve overall vegetative growth of plants.
  • It helps to increase nutrient uptake from soil.
  • Specially designed to work in all soil types.
  • It works against all types of nutritional deficiency.
  • Helps to improve flowering and fruit setting in plants. Also minimizes Flower and fruit droppings.
  • It helps to increase immunity of plants thereby reduces pests & disease infestation.
  • It minimizes Abiotic stress of plants by maintaining harmonic balance in plants.
  • It helps to improve shelf life of Vegetables and Fruits. Also, improves overall development like Colour, weight and size of fruits.
  • It acts as Antibiotics in plants.

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